Objective: To provide contracts with rights and duties
which are clearly defined and enforceable by law.

A contract represents a legal basis for future relations, since it assumes and adjusts future behaviour of the parties in a particular situation.

In our opinion, the quality of a contract is not primarily expressed by its length, but by understanding the client's needs and also requirements of the other contracting party in a way that after considering all recognizable risks, concluding a contract defines the mutual rights and obligations without the possibility of dispute over the interpretation of the contract in the future.

In terms of contract law Witt & Kleim Law firm provides legal service consisting of the creation and editing of the text of the contract, as well as representing clients in negotiating the content of the agreements with the other contracting party including contracts referring to the terms and conditions or collective agreements, international contracts and contracts that are specially processed or contracts from the financial sector.

Our law firm provides these legal services to entrepreneurs and also individuals in their civil legal affairs (deed of donation, loan contracts, purchase contracts, contracts for the transfer of ownership of the apartment).

In many cases, the law office provides legal services to its clients consisting of due diligence of existing contractual documentation or it performs legal audit resulting in the provision of information to clients on contracts of the client or potential partner with naming the rights, duties, and in particular the risks that emerge to client from the contract, as well as the law office provides a draft of a legal solution of the risky contract with a recommendation of a particular procedure.

Services provided within

contractual agenda

Legal counselling in the pre-contractual relationship

Creation of the contract and related contract documentation, including business conditions and collective agreements

Legal commenting and representation of the client in the content of the contract negotiation with the other contracting party

Legal counselling regarding the assurance of the legal claims by a separate contract and agreements settlement (especially pledges)

Preparation of legal analyses for contracts and other contractual documents

Legal audit (due diligence)

The above-mentioned list of services is merely illustrative and in regard to the scope of legal relations in this area of law, it does not contain the entire range of services provided by the Witt & Kleim Law firm. If you do not find a service you require in the list, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will inform you free of charge regarding the possibility of providing the services you have requested. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found in the Contact section.

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