Objective: The recovery of customer's enterprise, with rationalization of liabilities and maximizing client's satisfaction.

Witt & Kleim Law firm provides comprehensive legal advice in the field of restructuring to debtors, creditors and investors.

Restructuring is an important instrument for the recovery of the entrepreneur and it is also a tool for investors entering the company in crisis or in decline (see also section Legal services - Mergers and acquisitions) guaranteeing that after a successful restructuring the investor will have an overview of creditors and their claims without the risk of incorrectly accounted or concealed pledges by the former statutory.

The law firm provides to the debtors comprehensive legal services aimed at restructuring permit (drawn up application for authorization of a restructuring, application for a suspension of bankruptcy proceedings, communication with the trustee making out a restructuring review) and subsequent legal advice throughout the restructuring, including legal advice in the preparation of a restructuring plan in close cooperation with the client, creditors' committee or the trustee and the preparation of a proposal to the restructuring plan confirmation by the court.

Since the restructuring period is a sensitive period, we provide legal services to our client in communication with creditors, mainly for the purpose of negotiation of the content of future client's obligations to these creditors and also to clarify the legal situation of these creditors, thereby maintaining a good business relationship in the future.

The aim of the actions carried out by our law office is the smooth running of the restructuring proceedings and at the end, there will have been a restructuring plan accepted by the creditors and confirmed by the court.

The law firm provides logging the debts in the restructuring to their clients in the legal status of creditors and subsequent legal representation in restructuring, including representation in creditor bodies, active communication with the debtor, administrator and court and also legal representation of the client in denying his claims (see also section Legal services - Receivables management).

For our clients – investors in venture companies Witt & Kleim Law office arranges the legal analysis under which the client can assess the need for or the suitability of the process of restructuring for the subject which the client - investor intends to enter as well as legal advice on the transaction documentation (More in Legal Services - mergers and acquisitions).

Services provided in the agenda of


Legal advice for creditors, debtors and investors

Legal solutions to existing or impending bankruptcy

Legal representation of creditors, debtors and trustees in restructuring proceedings and in proceedings related to restructuring proceedings

Application for authorization of restructuring

Logging claims

Legal representation at creditors' meetings and the meetings of the creditors' commitees

Legal advice in the preparation of restructuring plans

Proposals to confirm the restructuring plan and the replacement of consent

Proposals to determine the ineffectiveness of the restructuring plan

Preparation of legal analyzes, opinions on restructuring

Defence against abuse of restructuring to the detriment of the client

Legal advice on sale and purchase of receivables related to restructuring

The above-mentioned list of services is merely illustrative and in regard to the scope of legal relations in this area of law, it does not contain the entire range of services provided by the Witt & Kleim Law firm. If you do not find a service you require in the list, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will inform you free of charge regarding the possibility of providing the services you have requested. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found in the Contact section.

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