Objective: Services that make the client not having to devote to the legal issues related to the management of real estate.

Legal services in real estate and development is a key area of legal services ensured by our law office not only for private but also public sector.

To clients who have an interest in selling or buying a property, including residential and business premises, our law firm provides legal consultancy consisting of legal clearance (due diligence) of properties, preparation and negotiating of transaction documentation (purchase agreement, agreement on transfer of ownership of an apartment or office space, security agreement, contract of easement), representation in the administrative proceedings and in communication with a real estate agency or financial institution for credit financing of the real estate purchases (see also section Legal services - Contract law).

In the area of development the law firm provides legal services mainly through their active participation in obtaining the zoning decision and building permits for the realization of projects, including communication with relevant public authorities and third parties, which have an impact on the issue of these decisions, as well as drafting and commenting on contracts with the financing banks, the building contractors and future property owners.

A specific type of proceeding in which the law firm provides their clients with legal advice is the expropriation procedure, where the aim of the service is to secure a fair and equitable remuneration for the client for the expropriated property.

Witt & Kleim Law firm works with municipalities on preparation of public tenders, public procurements and competition mechanisms on the basis of which it should lead to the acquisition of title to apartment houses for the purpose of expansion of residential capacities of the municipalities, where such services also ensure actions in relation to the central body of state power and obtain subsidies, or loans from the Housing Development Fund to finance these housing possibilities.

Services provided in

real estate and development

Due diligence of real estate

Legal assessment of project feasibility

Preparation of greenfield and brownfield projects

Purchasing contracts, deed of gift, replacement and rental contracts

The regulation of rights of construction and agricultural land, family houses, dwellings, the premises used for that activity are to be regarded as taxable, multifunctional buildings

The contractual documentation with the funding partners and construction work contractors

Legal representation in zoning, construction, expropriation and the cadastral proceedings

Constitution of easement (lifetime use rights)

Treaty establishing a lien on real estate

Legal proceedings related to the acquisition of residential capacity for municipalities

Legal services in securing grants and funding of the acquisitions of residential capacitie for municipalities

The above-mentioned list of services is merely illustrative and in regard to the scope of legal relations in this area of law, it does not contain the entire range of services provided by the Witt & Kleim Law firm. If you do not find a service you require in the list, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will inform you free of charge regarding the possibility of providing the services you have requested. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found in the Contact section.

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