Objective: To provide legal full service for entrepreneurs in the development and protection of their start-ups.

During the period of the beginning of the business, when the know-how is being developed, the quality of legal services and advice makes the difference between success and failure.

Business success may be in fact stigmatized by mistakes in setting up a company, by errors in the rights and obligations of the partners or their competences. This especially applies to the protection of know-how against disclosure, for example, when an investor enters a start-up company. Failure to properly comply with proper statutory obligations towards public authorities (courts, tax authorities, etc.) caused by the numerous administrative law standards generally causes significant complications in the form of fines and penalties for late payments.

Given the above, Witt & Kleim Law office provides comprehensive legal advice and legal services to start-up companies involving recommendations of the appropriate legal forms of business (see also section Legal Services - Corporate Law), preparation of contract documentation (see also section Legal services - Law of Contracts) legal contacts with public authorities, as well as the protection of business secrets, goodwill and reputation of the client (see also section Legal services - Intellectual property).

Services provided

for starting entrepreneurs (start-ups)

Legal advice on choosing the best legal form of a start-up

Constitutional documents

Actions related to the establishment of companies and the granting of business

Legal advice and drawing up documents for public authorities

Legal advice on accounting, tax, human resources and social and health contributions

Protection of trade secrets, know-how and goodwill

Registration of trademarks, patents and other intellectual property objects

Contracts and licenses for third parties to use the know-how

Prevention of non-payments and receivables recovery

Legal advice on entry of the investors

Contracts and documentation for expansion or relocation of the company outside of the Slovak Republic

The above-mentioned list of services is merely illustrative and in regard to the scope of legal relations in this area of law, it does not contain the entire range of services provided by the Witt & Kleim Law firm. If you do not find a service you require in the list, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will inform you free of charge regarding the possibility of providing the services you have requested. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found in the Contact section.

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